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Led by Assaf Leib, an interior architect and industrial designer. Mr. Leib graduated from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem and Politecnico Di Milano. Mr. Leib's design approach is perfectly suited to tackle the most challenging spaces. He accomplishes this by using natural and staged lighting and beautiful materials throughout his interiors while utilizing and maximizing all available square footage. Mr. Leib was schooled in and is inspired by both contemporary and traditional elements of design. For Leib, the ultimate goal is collaborating with his clients in order to deliver a finished product that exceeds their expectations. Leib Designs will manage every aspect of your project alleviating the difficulty that clients typically experience when trying to coordinate all phases of the design and construction process. Leib's calm demeanor and keen understanding of a clients' needs and wants allow him to effectively communicate with all of the trades people and professionals involved in the project.

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